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A well-known critic once described our wines as “swoon inducing.” While
we’re not sure exactly where this quality originates -perhaps in the earth and sun of our low yield vineyards, or in the hands of our masterful winemakers -whatever it is, it gives Carter Cellars wines the ability to stir the passions and overwhelm the senses.


Carter Cellars Current Pre-Release

The Carter Cellars 2013 vintage possesses our signature qualities of incredible finesse and verve, alongside a deep and true representation of the vineyards from which they were sourced. For the second year in a row, we were fortunate to have an idyllic growing season and flawless harvest that we matched with our talented winemaker, Mike Smith. The resulting wines showcase some of the best of what Napa has to offer: delicious ripe fruit and seasoned tannins buttressed with balanced acidity and structure.

We are releasing nine unique and exceptional wines in 2013. From the Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard we have the following: our massively-structured Beckstoffer To Kalon 'The O.G.' Cabernet, the slightly more fruit-forward Beckstoffer To Kalon ‘The Grand Daddy" Cabernet, and the rich, lush and elegant Beckstoffer To Kalon ‘The Three Kings' Cabernet. Each of these Beckstoffer To Kalons have very distinct characteristics and personalities and have already received tentative scores between 100 and 95 points by well renown critics. Moreover we have also masterfully crafted another Beckstoffer To Kalon 'The G.T.O.' from the very best barrels out of the vineyard - aiming to replicate a perfect 100 point score we received in 2012. In addition to these wines, we are thrilled to offer four Cabernets and our highly prized Red Blend from absolutely world class vineyards: the Weitz Vineyard from the Oakville Bench, the Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard from St. Helena, the Coliseum Block from the hillside of Soda Canyon, as well as a return to the Fortuna Vineyard from Oakville MORE DETAILS

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The Vineyards

Explore the renowned Napa vineyards that provides Carter Cellars its fruit.


Carter Cellars in the Press

Carter Cellars has received another perfect score from Robert Parker - 100 points. The Wine Advocate (October 2014) declared that our 2012 Beckstoffer To Kalon 'The G.T.O' "is one of the truly majestic and singular world-class wines of Napa Valley. It raises the bar on the other To Kalon offerings, which are all stunning in their own right. The G.T.O. is a multidimensional Cabernet Sauvignon of first-growth quality from a great Bordeaux vintage. Its inky/ruby/purple color is followed by an extraordinary nose of crème de cassis, graphite and spring flowers. ... It is something to behold! This compelling superstar is pure perfection.” MORE DETAILS