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Carter Cellars

A well-known critic once described our wines as “swoon inducing.” While we’re not sure exactly where this quality originates – perhaps in the earth and sun of our low yield vineyards, or in the hands of our masterful blenders and winemakers – whatever it is, it gives Carter Cellars wines the ability to stir the passions and overwhelm the senses.


2022 Carter Cellars Release

The Carter Cellars 2022 vintage possesses our signature qualities of incredible finesse and verve, alongside a deep and true representation of the vineyards from which they were sourced. While this proved to be a challenging vintage, the grapes where harvested earlier than normal, yet showcase the best of what Napa has to offer in 2022. Having carefully and constantly monitored the evolution of these wines in barrel, we believe that these wines are spectacular with our hallmark qualities of delicious ripe fruit and balanced structure. Great wineries make great wine year after year and we invite you to visit to see exactly what we mean.

For this offering we are releasing eleven unique and exceptional wines – including a new wine from the Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard, ‘The F.RED’ from the former blocks contracted by Schrader Cellars in past years. Additionally, we have our original offerings from the world famous vineyard: our massively-structured, ‘The O.G.’ Cabernet, the slightly more fruit-forward, ‘The Grand Daddy’ Cabernet, and the rich, lush and elegant, ‘The Three Kings’ Cabernet. Each of these Beckstoffer To Kalons have very distinct characteristics and personalities. Moreover we have also masterfully crafted another Beckstoffer To Kalon ‘The G.T.O.’ from the very best barrels out of the vineyard.  Moreover we have also masterfully crafted another Beckstoffer To Kalon ‘The G.T.O.’ from the very best barrels out of the vineyard – aiming to replicate a perfect 100 point scores we received in 2021, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2013 and 2012. In addition to these wines, we are thrilled to offer three highly praised Cabernets from the Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard in St. Helena . MORE DETAILS

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The striking, fruit forward 2022 vintage is available now

The Vineyards

The Vineyards

Explore the renowned Napa vineyards that provides Carter Cellars its fruit.

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wine advocateCarter Cellars have received numerous 100 point Scores and countless classic scores above 95 points from world renowned criticis over the years. Explore our wines section for details or check out our score sheet as a quick reference  MORE DETAILS